List of B.Sc. and M.Sc. project proposals

Dr. Sándor Szoboszlay

  • PBT (persistent, bioaccumulative, toxic) pollutants and their risk on environmental safety
  • The effect of pesticides, fertilizers, sewage sludge, slurry, compost on agricultural areas as a possible source of micro-pollutants
  • Organic pollutants (pesticide and drug residues, PAHs, EDCs, plastics, etc. and their fate in the environment. The selection, formulation and application of microorganisms with biodegradation ability.
  • The actual biodegradation of theoretically biodegradable plastics in laboratory and field experiments
  • Micro-plastic particles and their biological effects
  • The occurrence of micro-plastic particles in natural waters and nature conservation areas
  • The effects of micro-plastics on the transport of contaminants and microorganisms.
  • Any own idea related to environmental elements, environmental safety or environmental protection can be suggested and discussed.

Dr. István Szabó

  • The multipurpose analysis of hydrocarbon contaminated sites
  • Environmental effects of oil industry
  • Remediation of contaminated sites
  • The analysis of the local environmental program of a specific town or township
  •  IPPC (Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control) activities and their analysis
  • The revision of environmental and sustainability programs of towns
  • The environmental effects of intensive livestock farms
  • The environmental problems of a chosen town or region with sewage treatment, waste management, or remediation activities
  • The climate change and its effects on the human health (only with a good working knowledge in English)
  • The evaluation of natural waters with ecotoxicological tests
  • The regeneration ability of organic contaminations in nature conservation areas

Dr. Edit Kaszab Júlia Radó

  • Antibiotic resistance and virulence of microorganisms and their effects on the safety of biodegradation processes
  • Detection of antibiotic resistance genes in the environment
  • Priority pathogens in the environment – the occurrence of Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Acinetobacter baumannii in the environment and their effects on environmental safety
  • The microbialogical status of surface waters with special attention to fish pathogen microorganisms
  • Determination of antibiotic resistance and virulence factors of the microbial ecosystem in surface waters

Judit Háhn

  • Nanoparticles and the risk of their environmental application
  • The occurrence of pesticide residues in nature conservation areas
  • The examination of natural waters, agricultural and aquacultural habitats by traditional and molecular methods of microbiology
  • The environmental application of ecotoxicological tests

Dr. Mátyás Cserháti

  • Screening and optimization of microbial biodegradation of mycotoxins
  • Examination and qualification of wastewater treatment technologies
  • Possible treatments of waste producing during wastewater treatment
  • Analyzation of environmental problems in a town or a region including wastewater treatment, waste management and remediation
  • Ecotoxicological survey of water quality of watercourses and ponds (Zagyva river, Rákos stream, Hajta stream, Galga stream)
  • Examination of microbial population in different soil types
  • Examination of effects of soil inocula on microbial population in soil
  • Analyzation of problems concerning environmental elements, protection and safety based on student’s suggestions

Dr. András Táncsics – Milán Farkas

  • Characterization of aerobic and microaerobic hydrocarbon degrading microbial communities with classical and molecular microbiology methods
  • Enrichment of hydrocarbon degrading anaerobic bacteria in a microbial fuel cell
  • Characterizations of microbial communities of natural waters

Dr. Tibor Benedek

  • Selective enrichment of hydrocarbon degrading biofilm bacteria for bioremediation purposes.
  • Characterization of biofilm bacteria regarding their hydrocarbon degrading potential and biofilm forming ability.
  • Biofilm based semipermeable reactive barriers – in situ bioremediation
  • Development of a biofilm based hydrocarbon degrading biobarrier model system

Dr. Csaba Dobolyi Dr. Flóra Sebők

  • The examination of thermophilic and thermotolerant fungi and their secondary metabolites
  • The effects of physical and chemical properties on mycotoxin production of molds
  • The occurrence of toxinogenic molds in agricultural and urban environments
  • The effects of biotic and abiotic environmental parameters on the diversity of saprotrophic fungal communities