Institute of Aquaculture and Environmental Safety






HEAD OF INSTITUTE: Dr. Balázs Kriszt, associate professor


The Institute of Aquaculture and Environmental Safety was established in 2014 by the integration of two Departments, which have been working together previously for more than ten years. Around seventy educational and research fellows are working together with the Dept. of Aquaculture and the Dept. of Environmental Safety and Ecotoxaicology of Szent István University, Gödöllő, Hungary. Main research fields of the Institute are fisheries management, fish and aquatic genetics, gamete cryopreservation, water quality monitoring, aquatic toxicology for the first, and environmental microbiology and ecotoxicology, molecular biology, biodetoxification of organic materials for the second department. In the last ten years more than 150 publications to SCI journals were submitted by the members of the Institute. The two closely collaborating departments built up national and international network with stakeholders of their scientific area. As a result of these connections, the Institute won or closed successfully more than twenty scientific research project grants supported by the Hungarian state or by the EU during this period. Scientific outcomes of these mostly project financed researches were transferred to more than a thousand Hungarian and foreign students. Some of the scientific results (mostly as knowhow) and developed analyzing tools owned by the Institute are utilized as a service for profit orientated companies and NGOs. The leaders of the institute and the departments are internationally accepted experts of their research fields.